We Roast Specialty Coffee

Maine Coast Roast


It was the quest for a consistantly great cup of coffee that initiated the idea of our coffee roasting company: Maine Coast Roast. This quest started with the question: "what makes a great cup of coffee?", but it certainly didn't stop there.

We found coffee to be one of the most enchanting beverages. One with an interesting history which starts in Ethiopia and migrates around the world; to the Arab region, to Europe and the Americas and eventually returning to Ethiopia in more modern times, producing a coffee plant which has evolved and coffee that is exquisite.

We also found the Specialty Coffee industry which is a sub-set of the coffee industry which deals in the finest quality Arabica coffee. Because of changes in recent years, specifically in coffee trade practices, coffee growers in much of the world sell their coffee differently and as a result, 1. produce higher quality coffee, and 2. benefit from this by receiving higher, more fair prices for the coffee they grow. Specialty Coffee is the result of this ever improving trade.

It seems that all the way down the chain from the coffee grower, to raw coffee buyer, to coffee shop or roastery, to barista and finally to the consumer, there is pride and passion that produces an exquisite, gormet-quality beverage that literally rivals fine wines in its effect on one's palate, and is worthy of a place at the table of a fine restaurant.

We are smitten by and passionate about Specialty Coffee. We intend to find and roast only the finest quality coffee paying close attention to what we do and what has been done all along the chain of passionate coffee growers, brokers, shop owners, and our fellow roasters...

We'd love you to try our roasted coffee, and hope you'll agree.

Love your coffee!

Paul & Holly