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  • Dreamy Espresso, now a reality!

    Espresso-Sosta-Stockholm-Espresso-and-Croissant-for-Breakfast1In the Euro-Cafe of my dreams, petite croissant is served accompanied by rich, creama-topped espresso. That deep, dark soul satisfying concoction of complex coffee flavor.

    At Maine Coast Roast, we call ours "Espresso Suprema". Suprema because our base coffee for our espresso blend is from South America. The overall sensibility is international though with a French-inspired croissant, the Italian-inspired espresso and raw coffee from everywhere else in the world. Coffee truly unites us!

    Our espresso was blended for sweetness and more of a classic Italian espresso flavor. Whether brewed in your coffee pot, or fine-ground and brewed in your espresso machine, this blend should produce a wonderful, rich cup of coffee.

  • Espresso Blend coming (very) soon

    Espresso_Step3It's after 11:00pm and I'm wide awake, posting that the cause of my hyper-awake state will result in a new MCR product - our Espresso Blend!!  I've been working on this for a while now and those of you who know about espresso know that there is a bit of complexity to it.

    Just the right blend of complementary coffees, the right equipment, the correct grind size and amount in the portafilter basket, tamped correctly, and the correct water temperature. To pull a good shot of espresso is notoriously complex. I taste success right around the corner though and our Brazil coffee, the base coffee of our espresso blend will be shipped mid June. I'm very excited about this milestone because an espresso blend is an important product for a coffee roaster, and we're almost there.

  • Convenience Be Damned

    McDdownloadConvenience be damned! Ok, well at least some of the time. In this fast-food, drive thru life we live in isn't it refreshing to slow down a bit - occasionally? There is something to be said for marination in life. Take the time to let things absorb the flavor. We don't want a young wine or single malt. Let them age. When you go out to eat, allow the chefs to take their time preparing your meal. It'll probably taste awesome! Take the time to prepare more of your own meals using quality ingredients. Build that time in as a (real, old-fashioned) social event rather than something dreaded that you can't wait to be over. The food will taste better. And, if you don't already grind and brew your own coffee, learn how to. Take your time, get your routine down, it won't be long before you're making coffee that is just the way you love it. Convenience has it's place. But when it comes to quality - take your time...

  • Coffee Vending Machines - Say Goodbye

    Coffee vending machines don't smile. And they sure don't return your money when they malfunction. But much more important then both of these points: coffee vending machines don't make good coffee! In fact, it frightens me to think about how many Specialty Coffee Association guidelines are violated as the vending machine makes its sorry attempt to provide Saco Train Station travelers with a cup of our beloved java. ARGH!!

    Downeaster110525-29WebThis travesty of coffee justice is about to change in a very significant way. Maine Coast Roast will be serving fresh roasted, freshly brewed coffee every morning during the week at the Saco Train Station! For all you wary travelers, this is coming in mid June. Bring your taste buds and your favorite travel mugs and fill up before training off to Boston or Bangor..


  • Our Brazil Mountain Water Processed Decaf.

    mcr_decaf12There are many ways to produce decaffeinated coffee and as we started to educate ourselves about these processes, it became clear to us that there was only 2 viable options.

    Maine Coast Roast was not willing to roast and sell chemically processed decaffeinated coffee, so we not only looked at the options, we tasted them.

    Below is a summary of just the water-based process:

    Swiss Water Process

    This is an "indirect" decaffeination method, Beans are soaked in near boiling water, extracting the flavor oils and caffeine from the coffee. The water is separated into a tank where it is forced through charcoal filters and generally stirred around in hot water to remove the caffeine. More flavor oils (colloids) are damaged/removed. The beans are then reintorduced to the swill, absorbing their flavor. Since no chemicals are used, there's nothing to worry about but higher prices and duller coffee. We have had trouble in the past with the cup quality of SWP coffees ; bright, lively coffees especially can end up cupping quite flat. The Indonesian coffees seem well-suited to SWP processing.

    Mountain Water Process

    We get water process decaf coffee that is remarkably good quality from a factory in Mexico. The name of the company is Sanroke, and they call their process "Mountain Water Process Decaffeination" (to distinguish it from the "Swiss Water Process"). The water is from the glaciers of the Pico de Orizaba mountain in Mexico. The process they use is the same as described above - using water to float the coffee oils and caffeine in a solution, then filtering the solution to remove caffeine, and returning the water soluble oils to the coffee. The only difference is that the cups are delicious!! The SWP decafs we cupped often were bland and lackluster, whereas the WP decafs taste very close to premium regular coffees.

    We get the best so you get the best...

  • Island Cuisine at Saco Island Deli

    Holly and I will attempt to eat our way through the months profits at Saco Island Deli.  Holly has mentioned that everything is very high quality, local, fresh and expertly prepared and served.  I’ve been looking for a good local deli, and I can’t wait…

    And, when you go, you’ll be able to purchase Maine Coast Roast Africana FTO Blend coffee.

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