Convenience Be Damned

McDdownloadConvenience be damned! Ok, well at least some of the time. In this fast-food, drive thru life we live in isn't it refreshing to slow down a bit - occasionally? There is something to be said for marination in life. Take the time to let things absorb the flavor. We don't want a young wine or single malt. Let them age. When you go out to eat, allow the chefs to take their time preparing your meal. It'll probably taste awesome! Take the time to prepare more of your own meals using quality ingredients. Build that time in as a (real, old-fashioned) social event rather than something dreaded that you can't wait to be over. The food will taste better. And, if you don't already grind and brew your own coffee, learn how to. Take your time, get your routine down, it won't be long before you're making coffee that is just the way you love it. Convenience has it's place. But when it comes to quality - take your time...

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