Dreamy Espresso, now a reality!

Espresso-Sosta-Stockholm-Espresso-and-Croissant-for-Breakfast1In the Euro-Cafe of my dreams, petite croissant is served accompanied by rich, creama-topped espresso. That deep, dark soul satisfying concoction of complex coffee flavor.

At Maine Coast Roast, we call ours "Espresso Suprema". Suprema because our base coffee for our espresso blend is from South America. The overall sensibility is international though with a French-inspired croissant, the Italian-inspired espresso and raw coffee from everywhere else in the world. Coffee truly unitesĀ us!

Our espresso was blended for sweetness and more of a classic Italian espresso flavor. Whether brewed in your coffee pot, or fine-ground and brewed in your espresso machine, this blend should produce a wonderful, rich cup of coffee.

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