Espresso Blend coming (very) soon

Espresso_Step3It's after 11:00pm and I'm wide awake, posting that the cause of my hyper-awake state will result in a new MCR product - our Espresso Blend!!  I've been working on this for a while now and those of you who know about espresso know that there is a bit of complexity to it.

Just the right blend of complementary coffees, the right equipment, the correct grind size and amount in the portafilter basket, tamped correctly, and the correct water temperature. To pull a good shot of espresso is notoriously complex. I taste success right around the corner though and our Brazil coffee, the base coffee of our espresso blend will be shipped mid June. I'm very excited about this milestone because an espresso blend is an important product for a coffee roaster, and we're almost there.

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