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  • Coffee Vending Machines - Say Goodbye

    Coffee vending machines don't smile. And they sure don't return your money when they malfunction. But much more important then both of these points: coffee vending machines don't make good coffee! In fact, it frightens me to think about how many Specialty Coffee Association guidelines are violated as the vending machine makes its sorry attempt to provide Saco Train Station travelers with a cup of our beloved java. ARGH!!

    Downeaster110525-29WebThis travesty of coffee justice is about to change in a very significant way. Maine Coast Roast will be serving fresh roasted, freshly brewed coffee every morning during the week at the Saco Train Station! For all you wary travelers, this is coming in mid June. Bring your taste buds and your favorite travel mugs and fill up before training off to Boston or Bangor..


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