Brazil Decaf, MWP 5lb

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FLAVOR: Smooth and balanced with graham and chocolate
NAME: Decaf
ORIGIN: Brazil
REGION: Mogiana
ALTITUDE: 925 – 1200 meters above sea level

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Brazil is the largest producer of arabica coffee in the world. This coffee is known for its nutty, sweet flavor and low acidity. Many people like a good Brazil specialty coffee for its wonderful bittersweet and chocolate roast tastes. The United States has been importing Brazil coffee for many years and it comes to the states in many forms. It is roasted and sold as a specialty, single-origin coffee, but more often it is used in blends for the sake of cost control. Brazil coffees are common in espresso, both in high-end blends and in commercial coffees found in the big corporate coffee chain stores. Brazil coffee that is broken and culled out as lower quality coffee bean is sold to the giant conglomerates for them to use in terrible tasting coffee products, such as instant coffee. The Brazil decaf offered by Maine Coast Roast is a high end, specialty coffee from the Mogiana region of Brazil. It is an exquisite coffee and decaffeinated using a Mountain Water Process versus a chemical process.

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