Mexico Chiapas FTO 12oz

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FLAVOR: Hints of milk chocolate and almond with mild acidity.
NAME: Mexico Chiapas FTO.
ORIGIN: Mexico.
REGION: Chiapas
ALTITUDE: 1250 - 1550 meters above sea level.

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Traditionally Mexican coffee has been known for its light to medium body with mild acidity and good balance. Because of this, it has been used in blends by the coffee industry for many years. Fast forward to today, and the growing excitement and interest by consumers in high-quality coffees and single origins. Due to this new focus, the Mexican Coffee Council has implemented a quality certification program that has supported the small-lot farmers to produce high-quality coffee and to boost the reputation of Mexican coffees. People have come to recognize that Mexico has excellent weather, soil and terrain to grow exceptional coffee. The different regions of Mexico are now producing some exquisite flavors unique to each region. And, just to make it even better, this Oaxaca coffee is grown by farmers who are certified Fair Trade and Organic.

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