Brazil Organic 5lb

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FLAVOR: Toffee, chocolate & fruit
NAME: Nossa Senhora De Fatima, Organic
ORIGIN: Brazil
REGION: Minas Gerais State
ALTITUDE: 950 - 1000 masl

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This organic Bourbon coffee come from the Nossa Senhora De Fatima farm in the state of Minas Gerais, one of Brazil’s most important coffee regions. Coffees from this region have made it numerous times into the Cup of Excellence auction. These coffees will be a step-up from your traditional Brazilian profile. In addition, this particular organic coffee from the Nossa Senhora De Fatima farm is grown by 3rd generation farmers who pay special attention to reforestation, organic composted fertilizing and supporting natural shade grown trees on their coffee farm. The farm also includes a school and housing for the workers and their children. Brazilian coffee is often a significant component in a roaster’s menu especially if they use it in their espresso blend, as we do at Maine Coast Roast. Traditionally, most espresso recipes have included Brazil due to its characteristics: low acidity, high body, creamy, caramel, and chocolate notes, with a significant amount of sweetness.

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