Kenya AA Unroasted 5lb

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FLAVOR: Sweet raspberry with tart grapefruit notes.
NAME: Kenya AA
ORIGIN: Kenya.
REGION: Nyeri District
ALTITUDE: 1400 - 2000 meters above sea level.

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Kenya, in East Africa, is without question the top producer of specialty coffee in the world. Kenya coffee shines both in the cup, and in the way it is processed and traded. The best Kenya coffees are sold as AA or AB, as well as small auction lots sold to the highest bidder. Competition for high-quality coffee in Kenya is big business, and prices can go sky-high at auction. The research and development related to growing and processing coffee in Kenya is unparalleled, and their quality control is top-notch. The farmers of Kenya are highly educated in their agricultural practice and paid well for producing exquisite specialty coffee.

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